Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gott In Himmel! An Actual Post


I'm slack and never update my Blog becuse I'm, well, slack. :)

I plan to make a concentarted effort to do some work on this instead of playing EvE Online at every avalible slot of my 'computer time'

To show this new found enthusiam I will post a Batrep for one of my recent War of the Ring Games, the showdown between Saruman and Jamies "Reunited Kingdom" Gondor list. Things did not fair well for the Beige Wizard...

Actaul Post Content to come soon :)



Jamie said...

Excellent, I am looking forward to this 'actual post'.

I like the pic, the good guys have wrapped around so much, that they now have their back to the bad guy's depoloyment area!

Kruger said...

Yeah, I need to spell check when I post late at night lol.

The good guys may be in my deployment zone but at least Sauruman and (depleted) friends have a open path to Freedom. You may have killed my lackeys but there are always more to be bred...

Jamie said...

Whoops! That wasn't meant to be a pedantic comment on the spelling, Jason. I hadn't even noticed it was wrong - I think we are both just sleep deprived dads!

We'd have run those guys to ground, eventually. Not with Elphir's boys though - he is too lazy. It probably would be easier if we'd actually bought some bow too.