Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Minor Setback for the Beige Wizard

This battle was played a few weekends ago and I have only finally got around to posting it. Sauruman of the Many Colours (or Beige in my case) has been rampaging accross the table tops of Middle Earth recently but he has finally met his match in that most meddlesome of men, the King of Gondor himself.

The Isengard Horde arrayed for Battle. Meatwall of Uruks to the fore while the Isengard Rabble and Crossbows lurk in the back. The Feral Uruks are hiding in the far big Ruin.

The Reunited Kingdoms Forces - A solid wall of Men of Minas Tirith. The Viking Huscarls are Men of Amroth. They have also been known to moonlight as Men of Angmar...I wonder if Aaragorn checked their references first?

Battle is Joined! Jamie pushed forward fast and used Aragorns Epic Challenge to throw a spanner in the works. This threw me a bit an I played way more cautiously with the Beige Wizard as I am wont to and as such he was ineffective in the early game. This was to cost me dearly later on.

The King keeps the Pressure on. Jamie did a good job of keeping me pinned in my corner and whittled my units down with superior numbers. Sauruman just couldn't get his grove on and I managed to get my Ruin Shaman killed early on. In hindsight I should have put him with the Isengard Orcs so as to cast Dark Fury on them. Oh well...

Its looking Grim for Isengard. Jamie has used weight of numbers to successfully turn my flanks while the Feral Uruks were dealt too by Aragorn and Friends (though they did kill a fair few Axemen of Lossnarch in the process!)

Ah, my Minions have failed me! Saurman finally gets on form and causes widespread devastation with his spells, especially Tremor!. I missed my chance to kill Aragorn when Jamie left him in a depleted unit but its all too little too late. A decisive victory to the forces of Good.

Good game Jamie, I would love a rematch sometime - The Beige Wizard has lived to fight another day and is busy breeding more Uruk Hai....


Jamie said...

Well, I didn't finnaly get him, a meddlesome elf saw to him first! However, you did force me to break and actually take a heavy-hitter commander, something I had been avoiding doing.

I'm happy to rematch anytime, ablative extra coys of Anfalas and Eriador troops and all. We didin't check their refs when we took them on, but they did a good job so I'll give a glowing verbal ref to beige wizard mk II when if he calls about the next assignment they are applying for :)

Kruger said...

I think I have Aragorns number now, so the Beige Wizard will happily call him to account. Was it Theoden or Aragorn whom he called "a lesser son of greater sires"?

I too will have my extra Companies of Uruks so I think Round Two should be much closer!


Jamie said...

I'll email you about that rematch :) We are so on.

I think the houserules will rework the matchups quite a bit. The poor Prince of Ithilien is not going to be much of a threat to Saruman anymore... he should have taken his (unbeknownst to him, last) chance to duel the beige Wizard in that game.