Monday, November 8, 2010

Roma Invictus!

I have finally succumbed to my Roman addiction and bought this:

Its pretty cool as it comes with;
  • 60 Legionaries
  • 20 Praetorian Guard
  • 20 Veterans
  • 24 Auxiliaries

I also picked up a Legate/Tribune on foot and mounted. All for just over a hundred bucks! Bargain

I'm really excited as I have always been super keen on Romans. I would have preferred Late Republicans but the plastic models from Wargames Factory were not as nice as the Imperials from Warlord games.

Now I'm looking at basing systems that work with multiple rules formats, but if I can do something that fists for War of the Ring, Warhammer Ancients and Impetus then it could work.

I'm currently looking at basing them on 60mm by 40mm bases. That way two next to each other will do for WOTR and Impetus and its the same footprint as 6 WAB bases. I will magnetise the base so they can just attach to whatever sized base I need. I think this may be easier then individual Sabot style bases with 25mm rounds.

I cant wait for them to turn up! Watch this space...



1 comment:

Jamie said...

I am jealous of your new Ancients army, but resolved to hold on for something like Macedonians. :)

The basing scheme looks good. You really only want individual basing is one option you want to keep is for Skirmish games. I'd definitely just base Ancients on big bases.