Saturday, November 20, 2010

1st Roman Cohort + Commanders Built

Hey Folks,
I have been busy basing and building my Romans (or "Remans" as they shall be known for Warhammer Fantasy) and have managed to get the first "Cohort" done. Now while I haven't managed to build and an actual Cohort of 500 men I figure 50 men is a good scale equivalent.
The first Cohort is a unit of 40 "Reman" Legionnaires (Empire Swordsmen) deployed in "horde" formation, that is 10 wide. In WHFB this means that 3 ranks can fight in combat. Given that they are Weapon Skill 4 and Initiative 4 they should put quite a few human opponent's down before they can fight. Of course inhuman opponents could pose a problem!
They are supported by 2 "Vexallations" or Detachments. The first is a unit of 10 more Legionnaires. I have used the Veteran models to represent the hard bitten men who have been detailed this mission, and the battle worn state of there shields and armour shows that they will often as not die!
The second Vexallation is a unit of 10 Auxiliary Bowmen. Unfortunately I cant given them Light Armour in WHFB so the mail and helmets are just for show. I converted these from the Auxiliary Spearmen unit using short bows form the WHFB Goblin sprues. I didn't quite have enough quivers so I took arrows from an really old school WHFB Bretonnian one piece archer and sculpted basic quivers around them with Grey Stuff.

Last but not least my two Commanders. The Tribune on foot will be a "Captain of the Empire" and lead one of the Legionary Cohorts into battle. The Legate on Pony (as its a bit small to be called a horse!) is based on a 40mm base with a Centurion from the the Praetorian Guard and a Signifier bearing a Vexillium (small flag). He will just count as a model on Foot + 3 troopers of whatever unit he has joined. The pony is just for show.

So all good to undercoat. I am going to undercoat one model and do a colour test soon. I also have to scratch build up a couple of Onagers (or in WHFB: Mortars) as well as build the Praetorian Guard unit before Tuesday so I can use them vs Jamie's (currently proxied) 30 Years War Empire.

Hope to have some painted models up by the end of the week. :)

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