Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Romans Have Arrived, Yay!

I got a nice surprise when my Warlord Games order arrived yesterday, one week from order to delivery around the world is pretty bloody good!

Now I just had to crack them open and have a look, and I wasn't disappointed. The legionary sprues are simple, easy to build and quite well detailed. The legionnaires and Auxiliary Infantry are quite plain but the level detail on the Veterans and the Praetorian Guard is approaching the Games Workshop level. For a fraction of the price...

The First twenty Legionaries with the metal Tribune. Really, really easy to put together. A bit fiddly in some parts but nothing like some of the horror GW kits I have made. I have decided to base these on standard GW 20mm bases in the end as I will mainly be using them for either Fantasy (as Remans, with the Empire list) or WAB. For Impetus and WotR its quite easy to make square sabot trays

And as they will be fighting in a Fantasy world (vs Jamie's Thirty Years War Empire) here is a shot of a true scale 28mm Roman taking on the somewhat disproportionate Heroic scale 28mm GW Chaos Marauder. I don't like his odds...the pick is almost as big as he is!
More to come soon.

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Jamie said...

I have to laugh at the relative size. Oh well - at least our armies will match!