Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dark Elven Pirates - Yaargh!

Hi all, These are some of my Dark Elven Pirates that I started along time ago. I have been gradually doing work on them and have played the odd game. They are a heap of fun to use and I have always had a soft spot for the Druchii
Below is the colour test for my Corsairs. I have gone with a cold, bleak look to accentuate the cold, heartless nature of the Dark Elves.

Below is my first character, a Sorceress. She is a bit porno, so I painted tattoo's on her, erm, chest but it just made it worse! The model is the sorceress off the Dark Pegasus (not Morathi) on a scratch built palanquin. Its carried by a couple of slaves and is made from the old Dark Eldar Asurabdel Vect throne with sculpted cushions and candles. In game terms it counts as a Dark Steed

I have built about 1000pts worth of the army but have yet to seriously get into painting it, too many distractions.
I did take some photos of a battle tonight vs John's Ogre Kingdoms so I will post a battle report up soonish


Jamie said...

Flush from victory?

They are looking v.good - as always!

Are you sure that putting commanders on a raised platform is a smart move in a game with TLOS though? :P

Warlord do in fact offer the free shipping and do in fact deduct tax, so it looks like my great family will get my some Scots Covenanters (aka the Warhammer Empire state of ....) for my birthday:

Kruger said...

Yay I can comment on my blog from my phone, but its painful. She counts as mounted so is safe enough when attached to a unit or nearby another mounted unit.

Got an email back about the free shipping, nice guys at warlord games. Yay for you getting Scots, be fun to crush them with my elves/ reman legions :-P

Jamie said...

I'm looking forward to them, I don't get them till my birthday though - I will have to content myself with making mortars till then.

Charlotte says you are a corrupting influence on me. She doesn't know the half of it - me playing WHFB?

Kruger said...

Me? Corrupting? Im shocked :P

Didnt you give me the little nudge that pushed me over the WOTR peripice?

I think you're going to like WHFB, even if it is a core game of the "evil empire"