Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rabble of Isengard

I have just finished my latest Isengard unit, a rabble of Isengard Orcs.

Now these are only pretty average compared to the mighty Uruk Hai but they are a) cheap and b) carry two handed weapons so while they die very fast they tend to serious damage whatever they end up fighting.

I use them as a reserve unit (hidden behind my solid wall of Uruks) and they are especially fun with a Shaman and Dark Fury cast on for me anyway!

Model wise I have used the normal Morder orcs with some Isengard bits converted in here and there, notably with head swapped Uruks and normal orcs with the plastic beserker swords.
The paint job is average but the scheme is designed to complement the Uruk skin tone of dark red. Given their scum I painted the orcs's many different skin tones from green to gray to pinkish. I deliberately didn't highlight the armor and added a black wash to dull things down and accentuate the crappiness of it all.

The basing was pretty much the same as my normal lads but with some ruins added as well.


Jamie said...

This is not the post I am looking for :)

Those rabble look great, Jason. I never liked those figs but basing them like that brings out their character better than the ordered ranks imposed by the standard movement tray.

I may have to reprioritise and get some!

APCollyer said...

Hi Kruger. Excellent bases just right for Orcs. I noticed a number of the bases have less than the normal 8 figures p[er company ( WOTR Rules). How are you going to represent full strength units etc and casualties?

Any chance of some more pictures :)

Keep up the good work