Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Roman Ballista Scratch Build

I have been sick the last few days and in between Nana naps have managed to get my last war machine for my Roman/Remans built, a Ballista. The Ballista was a torsion powered catapult that the Romans acquired from the Greeks. It came in a variety of sizes with small bolt shooting types known as scorpions (like an oversize crossbow) and large stone throwing types. From records of ancient sieges it has been found that the larger stone throwers could hurl round stones as heavy as 45kg. I have built one of the larger types, and I think its entirely appropriate to use it as a cannon in my WHFB Reman Army:

Its made from balsa, plasticard, wire and some sculpted grey stuff. I based it on the one you can buy form Warlord Games seen here:
It probably only took me a few hours so it was a good way to save 18 pounds :P By far the longest and most annoying part was doing the "riveting" I hate riveting, I really do. What you have to do is cut small circles from a 1mm styrene rod and then individually glue them on with a pin. At least its done now!

I also finished of the detail ling on my two Onagar/ Mortars so my artillery park is all good to go.

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Álvaro said...

It´s really great what you have done here! I was looking to a new ballista to buy it, but now provably I´ll make my own one! very inspiring, thank You!