Thursday, December 23, 2010

3rd FOW 1k League Game: Fighting Withdrawal vs Stephens Canucks

Hey Folks,

Here is my third Flames of War League Game, this time against Stephen's Canadian Rifles in a Fighting Withdrawal.

I split my forces (which was a bad idea in hindsight) and this is the right flank. Half Track Rota, 2iC and M10's face off against a Rifle Platoon off to the left and a scout carrier patrol.
Left Flank Deployment: Panthers and the Universal Carrier Rota with the BA-64s against another Rifle Platoon dug into the hill. Centrally Stephen has some Medium and Heavy Mortars and somewhere there is a Sherman platoon in Ambush.
On the left I use my Decoy Infiltration + Recce Move to run the Panthers up a flank and the BA-64's and UC Rota through the town. This photo is after my first move where I have moved up and started to MG the dug in Rifles, to little effect. The BA-64's MG the 3" Morter platoon and pin them down, and they then fail to unpin.

On the Right Flank I move up and the Canuck Heavy Mortars (4.2") claim an M10.
Not to muck around I move up and debus the UC Rota and prepare to SMG, BBQ the rifles with the Flamethrower team and assault...except the Flamethrower fails epically and doesn't hit anyone. I pin the platoon down but decide not to assault as I had hoped on there being a dirty great hole in the defences and Stephen is still throwing 10ish dice for Defensive Fire.

On the Right Flank I move up and the M10's get the Scout Patrol with 50cals after they fail to disengage. The HT Rota sneak up to contest the objective.

On the Left flank the rifles fail to unpin but I still get punished by multiple mortar bombardments and rifle fire...the survivors hang on just.
After this for some reason Stephen dosnt Ambush with his Sherman's on the Right Flank and drive out to contest the objective, or even deploy them to shoot me off it. Therefore I win at the start of my turn 4 as the HT Rota are still contesting the objective.
6-1 to the mighty Razvedki
I did ask Stephen why he through in the towel, and he wasn't really sure. I guess we can have a rematch sometime. Thanks for the game though!

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