Monday, January 3, 2011

FOW German Sperrverband - First Painted Platoon + Extras

Hey Folks,

This is the start off my new Late War Germans for Flames of War. This will be my second such army as I regretfully sold my previous rather large collection. I have always wanted to do a Grenadier list and recently picked up the Sperrverband box set for Christmas. I love the Sperrverband models - they are the ragged veterans of the once mighty Wehrmacht and it shows in the models with mixed uniforms, bandages and scrounged and captured equipment.

I'm still tinkering with the right model placement for my Sperr/ Grenadier/ Pioneer platoons as I want to get the most flexibility out of the infantry that I can. Ideally I plan to be able to do any of the above lists by swapping the units around.

I therefore started with some support options, namely a short 8cm Mortar Platoon, two Panzerschrek teams and a Sniper. I may never field the Sniper (last time I used him I forgot about him, deployed him and then promptly forgot about him again!) but he is a nice model

Mortars -Close ups above and they are the row of teams at the back below.
The Kompanie so far - A long way to go yet!
Panzerschreks. Note that the stray static grass has been blown off the models now so they are not "Hairy"
Painting is spray undercoat black, then base paint all colours with Vallejo. Wash with GW Gryphon Sepia then Black Line with Mica pen. The I painted the Zeltbahn (Sp?) Heer Camo and dry brushed it with a mix of Middlestone/ Iraqi Sand. The rest was pretty much standard except of have gone grey/black instead of actual Metallics. I'm still not sure how I like this but it seems to work for 15mm scale models.
I plan to get some Silfor grass tufts for these boys soon too.
Thoughts and Comments most appreciated.

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