Friday, January 21, 2011

StuG Platoon Finished

Hi Folks,

I have finally finished repainting the other three StuG's in the Assault Gun Platoon. Now I know Sperrverband only get three StuG's but I thought I would use the fourth as an potion for swapping in or out the StuH 42. I will also run these as a 4 tank platoon when I play my Sperr as Grenadiers.

The Command StuG has log Schurzen as originally I was going to use him in my Late War Finnish Panassarikompania, and their StuG's are pictured with this. I'm just calling it in this case a "field conversion" thrown together by the Divisional repair workshop. Plus I think it looks cool :P

I watched an awesome You Tube Video on the Battlefront Website today where Jeff Brooks demo's how he painted the Panzer IV/70's from Stalin's Europe:

While I cant do the airbrush work of course his colour selections tips at he end and also his techniques are really handy. He is very fast and one thing that I took from it an applied to the StuG's was his use of a 2B Pencil to do all the Metal work!. Truly inspired that is, I may never use metallic paint on my FOW models again!

I also bought a coarser weave bandage today for the camo nets, I am happier with how they look compared to the first one on the StuH as it was a bit "tight". Given the skies are ruled by Jabo's I can see the need for MUCH camo netting on my vehicles!

Just relaised I will have to add a few paintbrush bristle aerials too.

Overall am pretty happy with progress so far. Next up will be a Sperr Platoon.



bikewrench said...

These look dope as well. I really dig the log schurzen. I've used cheesecloth for netting and it seems to work pretty well, these used a gauze bandage?

Kruger said...

Hi Adam,

I just used a standard bandage.

Cheese cloth is probably a better choice for this scale...I will have to look into it. My wife has a cheese making kit but I WILL die if I steal it to cut up!

bikewrench said...

I'll scavenge you a piece.
I dyed it before applying with coffee.