Sunday, January 16, 2011

LW Germans: Autumn Sperr Pioneers - New Basing Scheme

Hey Folks,

Below is my second finished unit for my Late War Germans, a Sperr Pioneer Platoon. This lads are the last hardened Pioneers left in the Division and were called upon time and time again to attempt to stop the Soviet Armoured Juggernaut. The models are a mix of the Speerverband Pioneers with the odd Late War Panzergrenadier mixed in. They were painted the same way as my first lads here:

You get this really cool Supply Maultier in the Speerverband box set so it would be criminal not to paint it up. I also used it as a test bed for how I'm going to paint the Vehicles and it came up pretty well I think. It's just so bloody hard to get a good three tone Kraut camo effect withou an airbrush...

Now as you may have noticed I have added some Autumn foliage to my bases. I have done this as I a) Like Autumn and b) it makes the bases really POP.

I have also discovered the Red Bush Tea (also known as Rooibos from South Africa) is the perfect size, colour and texture for Autumn leaf litter! It also smells nice too LOL. Im pretty stoked how it worked out so I went back and did the other bases too:

And here is all the painted Germans so far.
Next I will be repainting some of my first every German tanks I painted about 5 years ago...StuG's

I'm getting excited about this army now, its chance of completion is growing rapidly!


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