Friday, January 28, 2011

1st Sperr Infantry Platoon Finished

Hi Folks,

This week I have finished the first Sperr Infantry Platoon. One of the oddities of the Sperrverband is that their Infantry Platoons are only 5 teams strong, but can have up to two optional MG-42 HMG's

I have also tried my hand at painting eagles on the field caps of a few of the infantry. I think they came up ok but may need more of a contrasting dark/grey black base to make them pop.

Following on from the StuG's I have once again used graphite pencil to do the metallics as well.

I was thinking of using gauze and some matchsticks to make camo netting hides for the HMG teams, but unsure if this might be too much?

I also am going to reward myself with some more Armour for the next unit I paint. Hummels or PaK 40 RSO's?


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