Tuesday, January 18, 2011

StuG Repaint

Hi Folks,

Below is my first repaint of my old StuG's I painted about 4-5 years ago. I have tried to get this as close to the German three tone camo as I can without an airbrush (I would LOVE an airbrush but I cant afford one sadly).

This took about 4 hours with multiple washes, stippling and wet blending the edges to get that feathered look. I added the little grey/ bone coloured dashes that the really late war camo had as a way of adding a bit of detail, as well as paint chipping.

Here is the first StuG (well actually a StuH42):

The camo netting is a bandage chopped up, soaked in PVA and painted. Then I have added some foliage bits.

Overall I am pretty stoked, and have 3 more StuG's on the painting table...but they take so long to do! Oh well :)


bikewrench said...

That looks awesome Jason.
Remember, most military vehicles are painted by the lowliest soldier with a brush. Not something else.

Kruger said...

Thanks Adam,

Especially if you were a Russin, or a Pom lol. I think alot of camo work was done by your average Tank crew as the war progressed.

Im pretty sure alot of German vehicles were factory sprayed but I do recall seeing some photod somewhere of Kruats painting a Panther with brooms! Must have been Late-Late War though!