Saturday, December 4, 2010

Roman/ Reman Conversion Progress

Hey Folks,

A bit more progress on the Roman/ Reman Front. I have been lusting after some light cavalry to support my courageous Legionaries in battle, but being poor I cant afford to get the metal models at the moment. I therefore "re tasked" some spare Riders of Rohan and converted some Auxiliary Cavalry:
The horses and legs are Rohirram. I cut their feet off and stuck the plastic Auxiliary sandals on. I then uses the plastic Auxiliary upper torso as is with some chain mail sculpted on top the Rohan cloak/ skirt thing to meld them together. I was a bit impatient and should have taken longer with it so may redo the chain later. The Spear quivers are Balsa. In game terms they will count as Pistollers for WHFB.
Likewise I decided to build some war engines for the Roman/Remans, and first up is a pair of Oangers.
These are all balsa with plasticard details. The chain is from WHFB while the cup is a cut down Uruk Hai bomb from War of the Ring. They will be full of "hot coals and Greek fire" so hence the big pot as opposed to the normal leather sling. They are not quite finished yet, I need to add to a few bolts and other details. In game terms these count as Mortars :)


Jamie said...

I am dismayed at the (presumed) halting of 'project Rohan' but think they've come up pretty good.

You need to upload bigger pics!

bikewrench said...

Nice kitbashing on the Aux Cav and Onagers.
But who will defend Rohan?

Kruger said...

"Project Rohan" is on hiatus awaiting funds to purchase a box of Gripping Beast Viking Huscurls to turn into Royal Guard on foot. The Cav are spare in that I will be dropping one formation of 4 coy of my Royal Knights fro teh Foot Guard and then folding the other 4 coy Knight Formation into the Riders Erod and fielding 2 6 strong Erods instead.

So never fear, the Green (rocf filled) Feilds of Rohan shall not lack for defense from the maruading Uruk Hai :)