Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BFG: Star Wars Campaign Update 4

Hey Folks,

Turn 8 has been resolved and saw some major action!

  • The Vaagari 1st and 2nd Fleets successfully raid Csilla, defended by the Imperial 1st Fleet.  The Vaagari win the engagement and temporarily drive the Imperials out of the system. 
  • Meanwhile the The Chiss 2nd fleet sneaks in the "back door" and successfully raids the Vaagari base system of Cormit while its defence fleet is busy at Csilla.
  • The Chiss 1st Fleet assaults and captures Cam'co (which I have mislabled as Schesa)
  • The Rebel 1st Fleet liberates Oyokol
  • The Rebel 2nd Fleet activates at Rhigar
  • The Imperial 2nd Fleet occupies Kinoss
  • The Imperial 3rd Fleet evacuated Cam'co before the Chiss assault, and moved to defend Naporar 
So we see the following promotions;
  • The Chiss Admiral Than now has 18 Renown points and is promoted to Sub Sector Commander.  This gives him leadership 9 and 2 Re-Rolls.
  • The Unnamed Vaagari Commander has 11 Renown points and is also promoted to Sub Sector Commander.
  • Rebel Admiral Mari'Nara has not gained any Renown (due to his "Fabian Strategy", ie cowardice) and languishes at 10 Renown points and the rank of Battle Group Commander
  • Group-Captain Pallaeon lost the Cam'co System (Rebel intelligence has heard something about "Four Kingdoms Strategy") as well as been temporarily driven from Csilla.  Through shrewd management of his resources he has maintained his Renown at 9 points, and his tank of Battle Group Commander
So on to Turn 9, and the action should continue to heat up!


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