Sunday, July 3, 2011

Epic A: Kult of Speed - Skorchas out the Wazoo

Hey Folks,

Done a bit more work on the Deathskulls for Epic Armageddon, this time a Kult of Speed full of Skorcha trikes.
These are built out of most of a Warbike stuck to the back of an Old Skool Battlewagon to make a fat ass Trike. The Skorcha turrets are built out of mostly 40k Shoota's with BFG ship masts for the skorcha barrel

The single buggy (in the middle) was built out of two Old Skool Battlewagon front ends chopped up added to another warbike.  The twin Plasma cannons are from the Warband sprue

Ready to burn!

WIP shot to show the different element's used

So they are fast, and nasty with a 4+ Fire Fight value and the Ignore Cover rule but are Light Vehicles (so vulnerable to AP weapons) and only have a 15cm range!  They may take a bit of getting used to but if I can use them in concert with another assault formation they should kick ass :)

Next up - A Landa...



bikewrench said...

Aye wants to joinz yur bake gang hoe do aye appley????
doe aye nede a tee veee???

Kruger said...

Nah Bro, just a big gun, a bad ass bike and a mouthfull of teef (ork currency)

Who dosnt love deranged looneys riding badass trikes with massive flame throwers? :P

bikewrench said...

How about a bag full of teef?;-)