Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Epic A: 1st 3k Battle Report (or how to die in 3 easy steps...)

Hey Folks,

Tim came around a few weeks ago for this game, Real Life has been annoying so I have been a bit slack blogging sorry.

This was the first 3000pt game I have played with my new built Deathskullz...and its was fun, but painful!

The Battlefield: My snow table with some swamps and roads I made for FOW with Tim's Epic Buildings. The Eldar are deployed mainly on the left foreground with Rangers garrisoned of his center objectives. I have big guns and the Warband holding my center with the rest of the Horde positioned to move up and fill the gaps.

Eldar center...lots of fast shooty stuff

Stompa Mob on the road ready to move up and support the big gunz

Da Fat Boy himself at the back ready to move up and support the center warband

Where my big gunz used to be :(  Aspect Warrior air assault with supporting Shining Spears and Revenants wasted them in short order

Gunwagons and Stompa Mob moves up to counter the Eldar assault...

And get obliterated :(  Here the Fat Boy has moved over to engage the Shining Spears, and he wastes them good.

Center Warband surges through the Scout Screen, only to get shot up in the fire fight...

While the Vampire circles round and wrecks the Supa Stompa's supporting Stompa's and Kans (as they were broken)

And the Eldar center moves up and wipes out the Warband

A sole Gunwagon mob hides from the victorious Eldar

While the Fat Boy takes all the fire the Eldar can throw at him, and is one Blast Marker off being Broken.
So overall I was taken to school, and out Activated as I only had 7 activations to Tim's 10.  It was a brutal lesson but still a fun game, and Tim is awesome to play.  He played it much better then me (as you might expect) an it showed...some of the fire fight set ups he pulled off were evil!

I will go on record as this reconfirms my general hatred of all the pointy ears, regardless of game system!  Stupid Panzies :)

I'm working on some converted Skorcha's to help get my Activation count up, and hope to give Tim a rematch sometime soon.


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Galpy said...

thats a very cool looking table lots of fun