Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Epic A: Death Skull Blitz Brigade

Hey Folks,

Here is my first finished unit for my Epic Armageddon Ork army, a Big Blitz Brigade.  The unit is medium sized choice with 6 Gun Wagons, 2 Flak Wagons two added Oddboyz with Supa Zzapp Guns. 

Being Orks I decided I needed to convert everything so every tank was different, I also didn't have any Flakwagons or Mekboy tanks so scratchbuilt them.
Blitz Brigade ready fer lootin!

Gunwagon's with freehanded Death Skull skull Icons

Mekboy Kreations. Supa Zzapp gun "88" and a looted Landraider with a very phallic gun...

Rear shot of the Mekboyz tanks

Konverted Flakwagon's.  The Hydra like one uses big shootas off the boyz sprue while the SAM rokkits are from a Robogear kit.

Thunderbolts Beware!
So one unit down, may more to go.  I will work on a boyz Warband next I think.


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