Monday, June 20, 2011

BFG: Star Wars Campaign Update turns 4-7

Hey Folks,

Here are the maps for turns 4 and 6 of the Star Wars campaign as mentioned here

 And Turns 6 and 7: Note I have started to put blurbs in on the maps so you can follow the action easier :)

So as you can see Imperial expansion seems unopposed, while the alien Chiss and Vaagri start to mass around the edges of the Imperial Occupation Zone.  Meanwhile my poor Rebels are trying to avoid confrontation and build up a solid base to work from as my early expansion policy failed twice!

Unfortunately for me you have to fight Battles to get any repairs, replacements or refits so I will be trying to pick a nice soft target for my next engagement.

It appears that the eBay Shipyards have dispatched reinforcements my way, so hopefully they should arrive soon and then we can show these Aliens and Imperials some "Diplomacy"...I guess we will see how that goes in Turn 8, and it looks like the action is about to heat up!


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