Friday, June 3, 2011

Epic A: First Warband Done

Hey Folks,

Just finished the first Warband.  This is the smallest sized choice and consists of 2 Ork Nobz units, 6 Boyz units and 2 Grotz units and it forms the basic building block of any Ork Horde. To this you can add almost anything so they are very flexible!

Painting infantry in this scale is quite different.  I tried to keep them dirty and Ork like as I like the "realistic" look as opposed to the more "cartoony" look. Its probably too dark, but they should look ok en masse.
Warband with the Blitz Brigade
Nobz.  I based these on 30mm rounds to make them stand out a bit more.  They also have a Big Shoota boy and Grot running round so they have sort of entourage. I have added the Waagh Banna just because I can, this is not a Warlord stand.  The other Nobz unit has a Painboy 
Boyz.  These are based on 21mm washers and have a Kommando mixed in as a non-eavy armoured Nob.  Hes quite a bit bigger so it seems to suit.
Warband.  The bases have lots of gubbins scattered over them to represent the stuff the Deathskulls are famous for looting.

So one warband down, another 2 or 3 to go!  Next up the Mekboy Stompamob and the Supa Stompa :)


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