Saturday, June 11, 2011

Epic A: Warlords Warband, Skud Launchas and Gunfortress

Hey Folks,

I have finished the second warband, led by a Warlord as well as two Oddboy Soopagunz and a Gunfortress.

Gunfortress. Scratchbuilt out of two Gunwagons, 3 Gunwagon turrets and 5 old Battlewagon turrets + lots of bits

Given these tend to die spectacularly I figured making it nuclear powered worked!

Oddboy Soopagunz "Skud Launcha's" - These will go with a forthcoming Big Gunz Mob

The Slavers get blast shields...

...the Grotz don't!

Stormboyz blasting off in (mostly) the right direction

The Stormboyz from the back.


Warlord Kruga himself. He has red bitz to make him stand out a bit more :)

Da Horde so far :)

So they are getting there.  Next up I am going to convert up a Big Gunz Mob with 8 Big Gunz, the 2 Skud Launcha Soopa Gunz and a couple of Nobz


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yorkie said...

Those stormboyz are very cool, love the skud too