Monday, June 13, 2011

Epic A: Big Gunz Mob + Stupid Earthquakes :(

Hey Folks,

As you all know we had two more big aftershocks yesterday.  Once again we got off lightly and fortunately I am on leave so was home with the family already.  Kids were a bit freaked out but are fine now, they continually amaze me with how resilient they are.  Otherwise its business as usual in "Quakechurch" (nice term Pooch)

I'm now paranoid after the February earthquake wasted my man barbie collection so store all my stuff in closed lid boxes, so luckily nothing was damaged. I have even managed to finish off another Epic Armageddon unit, my Big Gunz Mob;

Big Gunz Mob with the Skud Launchas

Looks almost like a Soviet "God of War" :)

I plan to add another Nobz unit when I get some more 30mm washers

And the WIP shot.  Most of the guns are Flames of War 15mm scale German PaK36's  or Soviet 45mm Obr 1942 guns with the barrels cut off.  I have also used a standard Shock Attack gun on a FOW MG Tripod as well as a 40k Chaos Smoke Launcher as a Rokkit Launcha. The gun trails are a mix of scratch built ones and various support weapon bases from FOW.
So another unit down.

This is what I am working towards

  • Big Warband (20 stands), 2 Stormboyz - Done
  • Normal Warband (10 stands) inc Warlord, 1 Stormboyz, 2 Battlewagons, 2 Flakwagons, Battlefortress
  • Big Big Gunz Mob (10 stands) inc 2 Oddboy Soopagunz - Done 
  • Normal Blitz Brigade (4 tanks) inc 2 Flakwagons, Gunwagon and Oddboy Zzaapgun. Gunfortress - Done
  • Normal Blitz Brigade as above, Mostly Done just have to build the Gunfortress (its next) and a Flakwagon
  • Big Blitz Brigade (8 tanks) inc 4 Flakwagons, 2 Gunwagons, 2 Oddboy Soopaguns and 2 Gunfortress's
  • Mekboy Stompa Mob inc 3 Stompas, Supa Stompa, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Killa Kans - Done
That's 3000pts using the Army Forge Online army Creator Official 2009 Handbook list.  Too 4K I just add;
  • Gargant
  • 7 Fighta Bommas
As a nice easy bump.

Its probably activation light, but given how quickly units can die, and my Ork's crappy armour I like bigger units.  Its also pretty mobile, and has a shed load of firepower, so its Shooty/ Speedy as opposed to Stompy.  It can still Stomp, but needs to be selective.

I also have taken lots of Gunfortress/ Battlefortress's as while they are, well, crap (no Reinforced Armour and a nasty Critical) I reckon that if I have heaps of them (5) plus the Supa Stompa and Gargant to draw fire they wont get obliterated straight away due to target saturation.

Quite looking forward to get these done and playing a big game!



Jamie said...

Hi Jason, they are looking pretty damned good and you even spurred me to go off an try and find my old printed copy of the 2008 handbook (since I am miles away from a printer with ink). Sadly, I am stuck with a pdf but think I need little 6mm mens of my own - to battle your tiny orcs.

Kruger said...

Hi Jamie,

The more little 6mm mens the better! My tiny orcs would love a good Skumgrod (preferred enemy) to smash :)

That link to the Army Forge app is quite handy. Allows you to list froth quite easily.

Jamie said...

Yes but I want to rules-froth! That way I can get a better handle on how to construct a list!

I'm looking into some of those suggestions you gave for Ornithopters. I am happy with Shadowknights for Fedaykin and just need to decide whether Atriedes inf should be armoured (Exosue wars Myrimdons) or unarmoured (something else).