Monday, June 6, 2011

Epic A: Mekboy Stompa Mob

Hey Folks,

I have finished my third Epic unit now, a Mekboy Stompa Mob.  This Mob includes the first thing I built for the Ork army, my scratch built Supa Stompa as well as 3 (converted, of course :P ) Stompas and scratch built Dreadnoughts and Killa Kans (2 of each).

Stompa Mob ready for Stompin!

Scratch built Dreads and Kans.  The Dreads use a plastic 40k Ork Shoota as a base for the body and detail while the Kan's use metal Stikk Bomz.  Too this I added the claws of a Battlwagon, weapons off the plastic boyz, legs made from various bits and assorted gubbins. 

Painted Dreads and Kans

Stompas.  The left one is an "Choppy Stompa" so has a big ass chainfist with improved neck armour.  The middle and end ones are "Shooty Stompa's" with more Big Guns.  The end one was from a dude in Chch and is the older, smaller model.

Painted Supa Stompa. I ripped the smaller Battlewagon claws off and replaced them with more choppy chain blades

Likewise I thought the original shoulder gun was a bit puny so added a better "Soopagun"

And next to my Son's Lego Supa Stopma - though its more Gargant size!

The Horde so far.  Its over 1000pts now, yay!  I have decided to split the Blitz Brigade into two smaller units as it should have a few more options tactically.  I plan to add a third, big Blitz Brigade with 2 Soopagun Oddboyz for Barrage goodness.

So the Army is progressing well.  Next up I plan to do another Warband, then crack into some converted Fighta Bommas :)


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