Sunday, June 19, 2011

Epic A: Gargant Finished and the Horde Reachs 3000pts

Hey Folks,

Finished the Great Gargant;
"What you looking at Punk?"

Nuclear Powered Twin Supa Blasta

Warlord Kruga's new ride

With some Ladz for scale, its a Big Un :)

The Finished 3k Horde.
So the Deathskullz are up to 3000pts now, just enough for a standard size game.  Tim is coming round tomorrow so I will take some photo's and do a Battle Report of their first outing in force.

Yay for having another completed army :)  I might do a bit of work on my Impetus Romans next, as well as a bit of commission work for a mates Chaos Warhammer Fantasy army.

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yorkie said...

Great looking force, really like the circular basing on the infantry, good job!