Saturday, June 4, 2011

BFG Star Wars: 2nd Campaign Update

Hey Folks,

Jamie and I have both made three Map Moves and new players have entered the stage. Chiss Reactionaries under Admiral Than are massing on the Imperials coreward supply line while the Vaagari of an as yet unknown Admiral have launched an invasion of Chiss space along there traditional invasion route.

Map Turn 3 saw the following happen.
  • Chris's Vaagari Fleet has just arrived at Cormit.
  • John's Chiss Fleet are at Ornfra.
  • Jamie's 1st Imperial Fleet moved to Avidich. 2nd Imperial Fleet at Naporar has just activated so will move next Map Turn
  • My Rebel Fleet moves to Csaus and after a bloody fight with local Chiss Defense forces secured the system
We had a few issues balancing out Map Turn/ Battle cycle so the the best way we can see this happening is that we all take the same amount of Map Moves until contact is made. This then results in a Battle Turn where all contacts made in that Map Turn are resolved. Its only in Battle Turns that Appeals/ Repairs etc can be made. This could result in people missing a Battle Turn but that should even out as the front lines solidify.

Here is how the map looks now:

Forgot to add to the map above a legend!  The symbols are Imperial, Rebel, Chiss and Vagarii top to bottom with the numbers in the Boxes the Renown the Fleet Commanders are up too.

Jamie's Imperials are engaging Admiral Than's Chiss today, so it looks like turn 4 is kicking off today.  I'' me Moving my Rebel Fleet towards Copero. Chris's Vaagari could go anywhere though, so we will have to move cautiously.

It looks like I wont get a game vs Johns Chiss anytime soon, so perhaps when he conquers another system (so crosses the 3 systems/ 1 fleet ratio) he can place a Fleet on any unoccupied system?  That way it shows more Chiss rising to support him and we are likely to get a game in if he deploys in the relatively undefended South West quadrant...though Jamie will curse that I am surrounding his Imperials in enemies!


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