Thursday, June 16, 2011

Epic A: Fighta Bomma's

Hey Folks,

I finished these the other day, the first four Fighta Bomma's;

These are converted from a 1:350 scale US Navy Aircraft set.  The front two were Phantoms, the back right one a Hawkeye and the back left a Prowler

I basicly just added "orky" bits and guns plus hacked up the existing frames

The engines are 40k scale Ork Stikk Bombz.
 Overall I think they are OK, but not quite what I envisioned.  I'll be making slightly different ones for the remaining three I think.             

Below is a shot of the Horde so far, its ~ 2200pts now I think.
I'm going to need a bigger fish tank soon!
So its getting there. There will be a brief hiatus while I paint ups some Roman Equites Alares medium Cavalry for Impetus, and then its onto some more tanks and Gunfortress'es for the Blitz Brigades



Le snot à barbe said...

Kudos for this !! Specially for all the well thought conversions !

Kruger said...


Converting Ork stuff in 6mm is easy, and quite rewarding as its so fast compared to 28mm!

I try to focus on getting the overall "shape" right. Then just add details to flavour :)