Friday, June 10, 2011

BFG: Star Wars Campaign Update 3

Hey Folks,

The BFG: Star Wars Campaign has escalated to include local Chiss Defense Force and the nasty Vaagari Raiders. 

Turn 4 saw

  • The Imperial 1st Fleet move from Avidich back to Csilla while the 2nd Fleet held at Naporar
  • The Rebels move to an Occupy Copero
  • The newly arrive Vaagari move to and Occupy Sarvchi
  • The Chiss assault the Imperial 2nd Fleet at Naporar. This resulted in a Draw and the Chiss fell back to Ornfra. Casualties were light on both sideswith a few escorts being destroyed.
Turn 5 saw

  • The Imperial 1st Fleet moving to and Occupying Rentor while the 2nd Fleet holds at Naporar
  • The Chiss moving to Noris
  • The Vaagari and the Rebels both moved towards each other and the Battle of Copero saw the Rebels forced holding the feild but too badly damaged to hold the system. The Dreadnought "Indomitible" was lost with all hands after Vaagari arsonists in Boarding Torpedoes set multiple fires (7!) throughout the ship. Sadley she failed to disengage and burned before exploding. The Vaagari had a two of thier light cruisers crippled and a handfull of escorts destroyed but the Rebels also lost the Correlian Corvette sqaudron. The Vaagari claim Copero and the Rebels retreat in disorder to Csaus, whith Admiral Mari'nara being demoted in disgrace
I'll add photos later when I dont have a baby trying to eat my lap top!


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