Saturday, June 18, 2011

Epic A: WIP Great Gargant

Hey Folks,

I may be slightly maimed but I have still been able to do a bit of work on my next Epic Armageddon unit, A Great Gargant.  It originally started as a "normal" Gargant but ended up a bit bigger then intended, so I upgraded it to "Great" and armed it with two Twin Soopagunz and a belly Soopagun.  It also has two shoulder mounted Big Gunz (made from cut down FOW Soviet KV8 Flameguns cut down) and a multitude of big shootas.

Warlord poking out the top hatch

Mega Blasta Twin Soopagunz

Mega Shoota Twin Soopagunz

Size Comparison. Gargant, Supa Stompa, Stompa, Dreadnaught, Killa Kan
I'm not sure how he compares to the actual GW models for size, but he is pretty fat!  IIRC Jesse's Gargant models were pretty small.

Looking forward to painting him and unleashing him on Tim on Monday in my second Epic Game :)



bikewrench said...

It looks like you have all of the armor from my entire cav unit bolted on to a drunken orc!

Can I have my M3 armored cars back please!;-)

Love the shootaz with the fuzzy contrails; we are MOSTLY in control of our weponZ!80

Kruger said...

Well, given this beast to "life" would be 8-10 stories tall, I'd say it would be an entire armoured Diviion worth of metal!

Drunken Orks were most likely involved in its construction :)

The fuzzy contrails are actually Stormboyz with Jump Packs (they are really small). Given that most Ork Technology only works because they THINK it should work accidents are inevitible! :)