Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flames of War Panzerkompanie for Conquest

Hey Folks,

Real Life has been a tad nuts recently, so I have been especially crap at blogging.

Not much progress has been made in all my various projects :(  I have however committed to doing a German Panzerkompanie for Conquest.  Its probably going to look like this:

1750pts Panzerkompanie (Fortress Europe)
  • HQ Panzer IV's
  • 4 Panzer IV's
  • 4 Panzer IV's
  • 2 Mobelwagons
  • Full Panzerpioneers
  • 3 Hornisse
  • Some sort of Recon
The Panzer IV's and Panzerpioneers are the core of the list, while I have been trying out various support units to see what works.  It looks like the Hornisse might be the go, though I did like the Hummels in a game I played vs Pooch the other night...

What I like is that the army is all Panzer IV Chassis...cause while the Panthers, Tigers and Tiger II's got all the glory it was the Panzer IV that was the workhorse.  Its a cool tank and looks awesome "en masse"

Hope to get some Project work up soon, especially as its about to snow in Christchurch again and Pooch is muttering something about a "Snow Challenge" :)


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