Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 Day Para Painting Challenge: Day 3

Hey Folks,

Got some good painting done last night and actually finished two platoons!

I have also started to block in the Mortars and HMG's

Pooch is making Beep Beep noises...

Here is the state of it so far;

Panzerfaust equipped FJ platoon all finished and based.

PaK's good to go.

This was a Panzerfaust trap team, but as I only need two trap teams and he is standing I reckon he will do for the big FJ's platoon command.

Vondy.  Alas his Luger's barrel snapped off so he now has a smaller pistol...

So we are at:

Teams Finished:   14
Teams WIP:         7
Teams to Start:     17

Right, back to work...


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