Saturday, August 20, 2011

Snow Challenge: Winter Panzers Update Three - But Where has the Snow Gone?

Hey Folks,

The Snow has gone now...and so has the Winter whitewash;

Tried my hand at the license plate...note sure if this is exactly where it went?

And with my StuG's I did for the Autumn Sperrverband. I am stoked  that I remembered the way to paint them so they match!

I decided to go back to weathered and chipped three tone camo as it really is more versatile then the winter wash. White Panzers look cool, but don't fit anything other then winter and it means I am really restricted is say someone wants to do Normandy or Italy for example. I am going to stick to the Autumn colouring from now on :)

Yes this means have to re-paint the Hornisse :P

Got a painting evening coming up soon, so might do some Hummels next.


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