Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 Day Para Painting Challenge: Day 5

Hey Folks,

Just like Pooch I haven't had a chance to upload pics but I did get quite a bit done last night:
  • Finished painting the HMG's and Mortars, but have yet to flock the bases
  • Blocked in and washed the rest of the HQ, Panzerschreks, Stummel and Panzerfaust Trap teams
So this just leaves the Big FJ Platoon and HQ Sections to finish painting, and then flock all the bases. Alas I have a work thing on tonight, so I wont be home till 9ish :(

So I am a bit behind Pooch...I blame the Camo :P

Teams Finished:  14

Teams WIP:       24
Teams to Start:   0


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