Friday, August 26, 2011

6 Day Para Painting Challenge: Day 1

Hey Folks,

Simon is hosting a Market Garden Total War game soon and next Thursday we are running a trail game at the Cavaliers.  It was in discussion about forces available that we realised that apart from Stephen S's new British Para's there are very few finished Paratrooper armies around!  You cant have Market Garden without Pooch and I threw down a crazy challenge, paint 1200pts of Para's by next Thursday!

Pooch is doing the US 82nd Airborne (he had an army in his drawer...) while I managed to scrounge and trade stuff to get enough models for a 6th Fallschirmjager Kompanie...

6th FJ for Market Garden

  • Kompanie HQ with CiC PzFaust, 1 Stummelwerfer 42, 3 Panzerschrecks
  • Von Der Hydte with 2 Panzerfuast Trap Teams
  • Full Fallschirmjager Platoon with CMD SMG Panzerfuast 
  • 2/3 Fallschirmjager Paltoon, all with Panzerfausts
  • Machine Gun Platoon with 2 MG42 HMG's
  • Mortar Platoon with 2 Stummelwerfer 42's
  • Anti-Tank Platoon with 4 PaK 40's

So as you can see above today I based everything and under coated the first lots more to go!



The Belgian, said...

Looks great!

Chris said...

Part of me regrets giving you those Fallschrimjager....