Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snow Challenge: Winter Panzers Update Number One

Hey Folks,

So its snowing...time to get started on Pooch's Snow Challenge

My Backyard
 Given that its snowing, and that I already have a Winter table and that my Cossacks are a winter force...Winter Panzers were inevitable...
Tried my hand at some whitewashing.  Its standard Dunkelgelb/ Rott Braun/ Green  base colours then with  multiple washes of white, some white with chestnut mixed in and then a white glaze. 

Still have to add the Balkenkruz

And a better close up shot. 

More panzers base coated (though I cheated as I bought them this way...)

And more Panzers, Mobelwagons, a Hummel/ Hornisse (I magnetised the barrel so I could swap it out) and a few Hummels to finish building.  I'm going on the record that while the new plastic Schurzen looks great, its a pain in the ass to build!

So no work today as its "essential travel only". I plan to get cracking on the other 3 Tanks and the 2iC that are base coated.



Craig C said...

Once again we've missed the worst of it Jason. Only a couple of cm out here but my work and the kids schools are closed (school buses can't operate today out here in the country) so my challenge will be 28mm Russian guns.

Those panzers are going to look fantastic!


Kruger said...

Cheers Craig,

Yeah the snow is pretty deep here, about 8" to a foot in places.

Looking forward to catching your Laselle Demo, its probably going to send me over the edge to nappy madness lol :P