Saturday, August 27, 2011

6 Day Para Painting Challenge: Day 2

Hey Folks,

Day 2 was quite productive in the Para Painting Challenge.  So far I have;
  • Undercoated Everything
  • Almost finished the "Panzerfausts out the Wazoo" FJ platoon.  Just have touch ups, some final detail work and basing to do. 
  • Almost finished Vondy and a Panzerfaust Trap Team
  • Blocked in and Ink Washed the PaK 40 platoon.

First  fully Panzerfaust equipped Platoon almost done

State of Progress Day 2

God knows why I chose and army with Camo to paint to a ridiculous timeframe!

Pooch is coming round tonight for a combined painting marathon.  I plan to get the first platoon and PaKs finished and hopefully make a start on blocking in another platoon.

Teams Finished:     0
Teams WIP:          14
Teams to Start:      23



Craig C said...

They are going to look great Jason- I really like the basing- should be nasty on the table too


Kruger said...

Thanks Craig,

Still got a light tan dry brush to go on the basing though, then I am going to Autumn it up like me Speerverband. I really need to get some Silfor stuff though...

Still some work to do on the FJ platoon too..I think my eyes were going funny last night as its a bit messier then my normal work. I'll touch it up today

peter said...

Nice challenge you have there guys. But painting under pressure would be nothing for me!

You both base before painting? Doesn't that make it difficult to paint them?

Good luck to both of you!


Kruger said...

Thanks Peter,

I find extremely short deadlines is the best way to motivate me to finish a project. Otherwise I get distracted by something shiny and start something else...

Pre basing dosnt make it too hard. Im used to to now.