Monday, August 29, 2011

6 Day Para Painting Challenge: Day 4

He Folks,

A Marathon painting session this night has seen some good progress on the Fallschirmjager;
Progress so far!

FJ Platoon blocked in and ink washed

Mortars and HMG's Blocked in an Ink Washed
Sweet. I'll block in the remaining Command Teams tomorrow night then work on finishing the HMG's and Mortars...the end is in sight!

Teams Finished:   14
Teams WIP:        17
Teams to Start     7



Craig C said...

They are coming along Jason. I like your basing.

They Should be a hard force to dislodge!

Why take 2 stummels as a small platoon rather than 3 in the HQ?


Kruger said...

Cheers Craig,

Basing is Liquid Nails (I use this by the tubefull), sand, twigs and kitty litter. The "autumn leaf scatter' is Rooibos Red Bush Tea straight out of the tea bag :)

The reason for the small Stummel section si that the game is a Total War game, so I needed to get my Weapon Platoon count up to raise my Combat Compnay breakpoint. I'll attach the HQ Stummel to get a 3 tube platoon.