Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow Challenge: Winter Panzers Update Two

Hey Folks,

The Snow Challenge continues with Pooch slogging through his rifle company and Craig getting some French Guns for Laselle done.

I have been a bit slack but have managed to get a game in vs Pooch's Vet US Rifles.  It was a road block as apparently he had never played it before!  After all his years of Flames of War.  I quite like Road Block as while it costs you a unit you would like to keep (in my case the Hummels) it forces the "defender" to attack to grab the objectives the attacker can usually mass to defend fairly easily.

I got distracted by the late arrive of Pooch's reserves and the massed infantry attack on one of my objectives and left the other one poorly defended...and it cost me the game.  Overall a fun mission, and one I would suggest people give a run more often.

I have been painting as well, and people on the Battlefront forums have requested a step by step of my white wash technique.  Its really easy :)

Step 1: Just paint on streaks of watered down white.  I try not to get it in any cranny's

Step 2: paint a few streaks of GW Gryphon Sepia Ink along the panels and into the nooks and cranny's , just dont overdo it!

Step 3: Go back over with more white in streaks, but over less of the surface area to give a more layered effect.  I left any areas the crew might grab (like hatch cover edges) clear as the whitewash would wear off.  I did paint the top edges of the armour as while this would wear it helps to highlight the model.

Almost finished Hornisse's, just need Balkenkrauz, unit markings and mud

IS-2's Beware :)

Next up is a Platoon of Panzer IV's. These are still work in progress but are at the first stage of whitewashing.

So hoping to finish these off tomorrow, and then do some conversion work on the Command Panzer IV



Chris said...

Very, very cool. Once these are all done, we will have to have a proper rematch! Who knows, it could even be against my British?

Kruger said...

Cheers man.

That rematch is on like Donkey Kong :P

I look forward to facing the Tommies!

bikewrench said...

If you weren't already bookmarked, I would for this. Cool looking panzers mate!

Anonymous said...

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